29 September 2009

Community in Bloom - Talk on Tomatillos, 24 Oct 2009

Community in Bloom - Talk on Mosses, 17 Oct 2009

Dear Friends and Partners of 'Community in Bloom',

There will be a free talk on Mosses on the 17 Oct (Sat), 3 pm - 4.30pm at HortPark, Fruit Room. Admission is free and no reservation/registration is needed.

Title: The Amazing World of Bryophytes- Unveiling its Science and Beauty

Synopsis: Embrace the rich diversity of Bryophytes such as Liverworts, Mosses and Hornworts, found in the tropics and learn more about its ecology, economic importance and the conservation of this group of little known plants in this talk-cum-demonstration session. See how these plant groups are used as ornamental plants in the design and building of aquarium and terrarium, and get tips on how to grow them at home!

Speaker: Dr. Benito C. Tan, The Singapore Botanic Gardens and National University of Singapore.

Demonstration by Mr. Loh Kwek Leong from Killies.com., Ms Serena Lee from Herbarium, SBG, and Ms Ng Yimin from NUS.

For more details on this talk, contact HortPark Visitor Service at tel no. 6471501 or email NParks_HortPark@nparks.gov.sg.

Come and join us for the following talks we have lined up for you in Oct 2009!
Admission is free, no registration or reservation is needed.

Community in Bloom - Talk on Orchids, 10 Oct 2009

21 September 2009

Gardening Interest Group at Lakeside Grove

Dear Residents
I am pleased to inform you that a Gardening Interest Group (GIG) has been formed by a group of fellow residents. It is led by Mr. Sim Chor Meng (30 CW), mini-landscape hobbist / enthusiast Mr. Tony Yau (65 CW) and 5 others.

We invite you to join the Gardening Group by contacting Mr. Tony at his blog:
You will be able to get good advice on your gardening needs. Membership is free.
We are also happy to inform you that a BBQ pit (see attached picture) has been built at the children playground and we are in the process of regularising it with the authority. Once it is ready, we hope to open it to "booking" by residents

Once again, remember to visit Tony's blog and see the many wonderful mini-landscaped gardens that he has helped our residents to create.

Happy viewing and gardening,
Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

12 September 2009

Lantern Raya Festival

[Updated on 12/09/2009]

Joint Hari Raya & Mid Autumn Festival at Lakeside Grove

DATE: Saturday 3 OCTOBER 2009---->Request for tickets here
TIME: 7.30 pm TO 10 pm
TICKET: $3 per participant (max of 10 tickets per household)
VENUE: Fitness Park

1. Lion Dance
2. Dikir Barat Performance
3. Free Lantern for all
4. Moon cakes, Satay and drinks for all (Halal & Non Halal)
5. Lantern Making Competition with Cash Vouchers to be won
6. Sarong Wearing Competition with Cash Vouchers to be won
7. Mass Lantern Walk around the estate and Park Connector
8. Fabulous Lucky Draw prizes to be won

This event is strictly for residents/relatives of Lakeside Grove only.
Hurry, limited number of tickets, book your ticket now for this grand event of the year here.

08 September 2009

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05 September 2009

Lighting up of foot path between C Rise and C Walk Completed

[Updated on 09/09/2009]

Dear Residents

We are proud to announce that, under the "Community Improvement Projects Committee" Funding, LTA have completed the project of installing bollard lightings to the foot path between Corporation Walk and Corporation Rise. These lightings have certainly lighted up the dark foot path during the night. It has enhanced the security of our estate. Our residents now can feel more secured when they use the footpath to walk between the National Parks Connector and our estate. The row of bollards lightings are certainly a beautiful sight in our estate. Even our good neighbours from the nearby HDB estate are enjoying these benefits.

This project was made possible by your Neighbourhood Committee, with the strong support from our Minister for Finance, MP for Jurong GRC, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam. We owe a big thank you to him.

We will continue to work with the various authorities and agencies to further improve the communal facilities in our estate.

Best wishes
Lakeside Grove NC

Irresponsible Burning at Fitness Corner - Pls Own up

[Updated on 05/09/2009]

Dear Residents of Lakeside Grove

We like to appeal to the irresponsible person who burned his Hungry Ghost's paper money at the garden next to the fitness corner (at Corp Rise), to come forward and identify himself.

Please take a look at the photograph which shows the damage to the grass which are now dead and will not recover unless it is replanted with fresh turf. We would appreciate if the culprit would volunteer to pay for the damage and we can get NParks to carry out the repair.

This is a very selfish and uncivic conscious act. People who wish to burn paper money should either burn it in their own garden or burn it in a metal bin.

We also look forward to receiving information from anyone who knows who is the culprit.

We believe the burning was carried between midnight last night and tonight.

Thank you.

Lakeside Grove NC