21 September 2009

Gardening Interest Group at Lakeside Grove

Dear Residents
I am pleased to inform you that a Gardening Interest Group (GIG) has been formed by a group of fellow residents. It is led by Mr. Sim Chor Meng (30 CW), mini-landscape hobbist / enthusiast Mr. Tony Yau (65 CW) and 5 others.

We invite you to join the Gardening Group by contacting Mr. Tony at his blog:
You will be able to get good advice on your gardening needs. Membership is free.
We are also happy to inform you that a BBQ pit (see attached picture) has been built at the children playground and we are in the process of regularising it with the authority. Once it is ready, we hope to open it to "booking" by residents

Once again, remember to visit Tony's blog and see the many wonderful mini-landscaped gardens that he has helped our residents to create.

Happy viewing and gardening,
Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

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