05 September 2009

Irresponsible Burning at Fitness Corner - Pls Own up

[Updated on 05/09/2009]

Dear Residents of Lakeside Grove

We like to appeal to the irresponsible person who burned his Hungry Ghost's paper money at the garden next to the fitness corner (at Corp Rise), to come forward and identify himself.

Please take a look at the photograph which shows the damage to the grass which are now dead and will not recover unless it is replanted with fresh turf. We would appreciate if the culprit would volunteer to pay for the damage and we can get NParks to carry out the repair.

This is a very selfish and uncivic conscious act. People who wish to burn paper money should either burn it in their own garden or burn it in a metal bin.

We also look forward to receiving information from anyone who knows who is the culprit.

We believe the burning was carried between midnight last night and tonight.

Thank you.

Lakeside Grove NC

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