07 October 2009

BBQ Facilities Booking Form

Booking must be made at least 3 days in advance

Open for booking from 5pm to 10pm Friday to Sunday.

Close from Monday to Thursday (unless it is a public holiday).

To ensure the BBQ facilities are kept in good condition for the enjoyment of all residents, the NC needs to enforce certain procedure in booking of the BBQ facilities. For all the residents benefit, please cooperate with us.

To book, please follow these steps:

Submit Form

1) Fill up and submit the Form below.

Wait for Confirmation

2) Please wait for official email reply from NC to confirm your booking. This is important to ensure that the BBQ is available and not already booked by others.

Pay a Deposit

3) When booking is confirmed please write out a cheque of $50 (payable to Lakeside Grove NC) and deposit cheque in the mailbox of 117 Corporation Walk, This cheque will be returned to you after the NC has checked that the BBQ Pit and the surrounding are kept clean and undamaged, otherwise the money will be used for clean up and repair.

Don't forget Trash Bag & Water

4) You are requested to bring black trash bags (for your rubbish) and a pail for collecting water from 30 Corporation Walk at 20 cents a pail (big or small).

Should you encounter any problem during the BBQ, please call our NC at 9818 0936.

Have Fun.

Lakeside Grove NC


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