17 November 2009

Festival of the Stars - 17 Nov 2009

Singapore Science Centre and Taman Jurong CCC are jointly organising
the Festival of the Stars on 17 November 2009 at the Japanese Garden. You
are codially invited to join Minister Tharman at the Japanese Garden at 10.30 pm.

Please to join in the fun with your friends !!
17 Nov 2009
8.00 pm: Welcome & Stage Games
8.30 pm: LED Kite Show
8.35 pm: "The Delights of Chemistry" Show by Mike Hoyland
9.05 pm: Talk by TASOS:"How to use your sky Map" and "Meteor Showers - Shooting Stars"
9.35 pm: Stage Games
10.00 pm: "Bella Gaia" by Kenji Williams
10.45 pm: "The Delights of Chemisty" Show by Mide Hoyland
11.15 pm: "Bella Gia" by Kenji Williams
12.00 mn: Leonid Meteor Show begins

18 Nov 2009
Movie Marathon: Armageddon and Deep Impact
5.00 am Leonid Meteor Show peaks

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