31 January 2010

30 January 2010

CNY Celebration at Taman Jurong CC

Taman Jurong GROs Lunar New Year Celebrations 2010

Date: 28th Feb 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Venue: Taman Jurong CC Foyer & Hall
Ticket: $3.00 each (available from NC)

Highlights: Variety Show, children’s favorites such as inflatables, pop-corn, candy floss, Lucky Draw, etc. Hurry and get your tickets by submitting this form.

28 January 2010

Miniature Garden Opening Ceremony & Tree Planting Photos

Appreciation Awards & Plaque

Making sure the gardens are in tip top conditions before guests arrival

Mr Tharman planting a Bonsai tree with LPS students

Getting ready to inspect the miniature gardens

WOW! what a beautiful garden

Big Thank you! for making this event a success

Continue viewing more photos here ..

Lakeside Grove calling for voluteers

Dear Residents of Lakeside Grove

Our NC is looking for volunteer to serve as our new Treasurer as our present member who is holding the post has resigned. You don't need to be a trained accountant or book-keeper, as our accounts are kept in a very simple manner, using templates from the People's Association. The workload is also not heavy at all.

I sincerely hope one of you will step forward to help us.
At the same time, if you wish to join us as ordinary member, you are most welcome.
We need all the help and support from our residents.

Please feel free to call me at 9818 0936 for discussion.

Best Regards
Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

Community In Bloom Activities

Coming CIB activities

03 April 2010: Park Manners - Jeanne Tan

17 April 2010: Conservation of Native Orchids of Singapore - Dr Yam Tim Wing

Past CIB activities

27 Feb 2010: Fruit Tree Grafting
20 Feb 2010: Dragon fly Story

30 Jan 2010: Morning with Eric Simon

19 Dec 2009: Miniature Landscape at Lakeside Grove

28 Nov 2009: Geylang East Library, Go Green with Singapore's Native Plants!

21 Nov 2009: HortPk, Going Bananas: More about Ornamental & Edible Bananas

14 Nov 2009: Jurong Regional Library, Green Fingers (in Malay)

14 Nov 2009: Marine Parade Public Library, Colours of the sea, An Underwater Fiesta

21 January 2010

CIB: Official Opening of Lakeside Grove Miniature Garden

Dear Residents
You are all invited you to witness the official opening of our Lakeside Grove Mniature Garden by Minister Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam this Saturday 23 Jan 2010 from 10 am to 11 am at the playground of our estate.

This is a joint project between our Gardening Club and NParks, as part of the Community-In-Bloom project.

Take this opportunity to walk with your Minister to view your neighbourhood lovely miniature gardens, there will be lion dance and refreshment will be served.

We look forward to welcoming you on this happy occasion.

Thank you
Lakeside Grove NC

12 January 2010


Dear Residents
We invite you to participate in our Community-In-Bloom (CIB) Project
Jointly organised by NParks and NC.
Minister Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam will be coming to view our miniature gardens on Saturday 23 January 2010 at 10 am.

To participate, follow these 5 steps :
1) Fill up this form (By 5 Jan latest)-->CLOSED!!
2) We will arrange NPark to loosen the soil and provide free top soil
3) Our Gardening Club will provide free design service to you.
4) We will arrange for you to visit a Nursery to buy your plants on 10 Jan 2010 (Sunday) at 9 am, wait for air-cond bus outside Lakeside Primary School.
5) Build your own Miniature Garden (DIY), with help from our gardening club

Please visit our estate playground to see the beautiful work done by our Gardening Club members or watch this video at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMLDsS0-YIU

This exercise will start from January and ends in Feb (Just before CNY).
We look forward to your active participation.
Together, we will make our estate the most beautiful place to live in Taman Jurong!
Some samples of miniature garden at Lakeside Grove
Please note that pices do not include soil, as N Parks is providing the soil.

Sample CW 45
Plants cost about $ 130.00
Rocks $45.00
others(toys, wooden fencing) $50.00
Total cost $230.00

Sample CW 26
Plants cost $150.00
Rock $ 50.00
others $30.00
Total cost $230.00

Sample CW 24
Plants cost $200.00 (Bigger area)
Rock $ 60.00
Others $ 80.00 (more items)
Total cost $340.00

Meet your Lakeside Grove Gardening Club members

OPENNET Installation Advice

Dear Residents
Telecom's contractor OPENNET is currently installing high speed broadband fibre optic cable to the houses. They will need to use the manhole outside your house.
If you have personal items sitting over the manhole, please remove them as Telecom has advised that they will not be responsible for any damages.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Best Regards
Lakeside Grove NC

PS: If you have not sign up for this OPENNET installation, please do so asap as it is free now (up to 15 meter only). If you miss this window and decide to install in future, they will charge you for the installation.

For more information on OPENNET

Photos: NC Trip to Nursery for plants purchase

Lakeside Grove miniature Garden: Trip to nursery for plants purchase photos

08 January 2010

LTA: Calling for feedback on Taman Jurong Bus Services

[Updated on 08/01/2010]

Dear Residents
LTA is gathering feedback on bus routes and services in Taman Jurong. If you have any suggestion, request or comments to improve the services, please do so by filling up this form.

Thank you
Lakeside Grove NC