31 March 2010

Go Green CD is out on sale

Greetings from NEA!
In order to further promote and bring home the environmental messages, NEA together with Warner Music has released the CGS song and the GO GREEN album. We would appreciate if you could assist to disseminate the info to all your contacts.
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Watch Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) official theme song here

29 March 2010

Jurong GRC Community Concert - 24/04/2010

Hi everyone
Remember last year's Jurong GRC Community Concert at the Chinese Garden ?   For those who went, it was fantastic.  Food, free floor mat, entertainment, pure family fun !

The good news is that this year's Community Concert is here again !   Click here to view flyer.

Limited tickets available for booking please send us an email. It is on a first come first serve basis.

Lakeside Grove NC

2010 Lunar New Year Party Video - 2nd batch

Invoice from Open Net

Dear Residents of Lakeside Grove (Intermediate Terrace House owner)

If you have recently received an Invoice from Open Net demanding a payment for installing fibre cable to your house from the gate pillar to your first Termination Point (TP) (which is in the storeroom below the staircase on the ground floor), please do not make payment first while we investigate.

This is because the charges for the first installation during the offer period will be waived as long as the 1st TP is within a 15 metre fibre run starting from the gate pillar (in the case of landed premises). OpenNet will impose cost-oriented charges for installation of the 1st TP beyond 15m. .

In the invoice (see sample attached), OpenNet claims 25 m of fibre has been installed. We measured the distance and found that it should not be longer than 15 m and hence it should be free.

We will keep you posted on the outcome of our investigation.

Best Regards
Lakeside Grove NC

27 March 2010

Lakeside Grove gets "Kampong Spirit" Nomination Award

Dear Residents

I am happy to share with you the news that our neighbour and friend, Mr. Tony Yau, received his nomination prize from Minister for Manpower, Mr. Gan Kim Yong in the South West CDC's Comcare Local Network "Kampong Spirit" award this evening. I was there to witness the event and took this photo of him and Mayor Amy Khor.

Our heartiest congratulations to Tony, who has helped to turn Lakeside Grove into one big Miniature Garden.

Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

15 March 2010

Walk in the Park may cost irresponsible pet owners $1,000

Dear Residents
Of late we have noticed that there have been many incidents of inconsiderate residents not cleaning up after their pets in our neighbourhood.
Please note that it is an offence if you fail to clean up after your pet in public places.
You can be fine up to $1,000 if you fail to remove faecal matter deposited by you pet.
The NC seek your cooperation on this matters to keep our neighbourhood and park clean for the enjoyment of all our residents.

Please read the following article published in The Straits Times.

Thank you
Lakeside Grove NC

05 March 2010

Estate Repainting Exercise - EOI

Updated on 04/03/2010
Dear Residents
We have invited Nippon Paint and ICI Singapore to get their vendors to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) for our estate repainting.

For your info you can view the EOI letter here.

We will keep you posted on further development.

Best Regards
Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

Estate Projects - Current & Past

Estate Repainting Exercise 2010

1. Expression of Interest (EOI) letter to ICI and Nippon Paint to be distributed to their panel of painters

Completed Projects

1. Lighting up of Footpath between Corporation Walk & Rise