29 March 2010

Invoice from Open Net

Dear Residents of Lakeside Grove (Intermediate Terrace House owner)

If you have recently received an Invoice from Open Net demanding a payment for installing fibre cable to your house from the gate pillar to your first Termination Point (TP) (which is in the storeroom below the staircase on the ground floor), please do not make payment first while we investigate.

This is because the charges for the first installation during the offer period will be waived as long as the 1st TP is within a 15 metre fibre run starting from the gate pillar (in the case of landed premises). OpenNet will impose cost-oriented charges for installation of the 1st TP beyond 15m. .

In the invoice (see sample attached), OpenNet claims 25 m of fibre has been installed. We measured the distance and found that it should not be longer than 15 m and hence it should be free.

We will keep you posted on the outcome of our investigation.

Best Regards
Lakeside Grove NC

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