28 April 2010

ESTATE REPAINTING UPDATE # 3 - Pre Launch Announcement

Dear fellow residents of Lakeside Grove

We have received 3 quotations from Etron Resources, Interlink Specialists, and LTC Coatings Pte Ltd. We are in the final stages of clarifying and negotiating with these tenderers on the terms and conditions. Our objective is to obtain the best "Value for Money" deal for our residents.

We seek your understanding that although price is a commercial priority, we will be considering other factors such as track records, performance and technical indicators in our final Tender Evaluation Report, which we hope to issue out by next week

Until then, here is an informal Pre-Launch Announcement. Tentatively, the Estate Repainting Exercise will be held on Sat-Sun 15-16 May 2010. You will be receiving an Offer Letter from the successful tenderer and an advisory note from us. Please read through carefully and we need your fullest support because we need at least 70 % "Sign-up" for the project to proceed..

Please help to convey this information to your neighbours who may not be on our mailing list.

Best Regards

Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

20 April 2010

Lakeside Grove Garden Featured in NPark's e-newsletter

Dear residents,

Please be informed that your Lakeside Grove miniature garden was featured in the April 2010 edition of the "My Green Space" e-newsletter published by NPark. The article is featured under Gardening and is titled 'Sowing Seeds Of Friendship At Lakeside Grove'. Click on the following image to read the article.

Happy reading!
Lakeside Grove NC

05 April 2010

Installation of high speed internet fibre cables

Dear residents of Lakeside Grove

It has come to our knowledge that less than 20 houses from our estate have signed up for free installation during the OFFER PERIOD. You will have to pay $450 if you sign up later on.

Maybe some of you don't fully understand what OpenNet is all about. It is something which your family and you will be using in 2 years time when ultra-high speed internet is launched in Singapore.

We strongly encourage you to sign up whether or not you intend to use High Speed Internet.

As the offer period is over, please call OpenNet at 65634273 to arrange for your individual house's installation. Maybe the Free Installation Offer will be extended.

A friendly advice is that you should verify the length of cable laid in your house when you sign the acknowledgement form.

Best Regards

LakesideGrove NC

Photos: Lakeside Grove Gardening Club Fried Oyster Nite - 04/04/2010

The NC members would like to thank the Lakeside Grove Gardening Club for inviting us to their Fried Oyster Nite Party. We had a very enjoyable evening. Thank you.

04 April 2010

Invoice from Open Net for extra payment

Dear Residents

OpenNet contractor came to measure the actual length of fibre cable installed at my house on Saturday.   The measured length is only 17 m as against their invoice for 25 m.   We went to another 2 houses and the measured length were 21 and 20 m against the invoices of 23 m.   Another resident who was not at home told me he was billed for 29 m which is way above a reasonable estimate.   Based on drawing plan, the straight line distance is only 15 m.  Give and take another 2 m for underground ducting, the length should not be more than 17 m.

Our NC would be taking up the case with OpenNet for the large discrepancies.   Possible reasons could be human-errors or fraud.   We strongly suggest that you refrain paying your invoice until further advice from us.   Also, should the OpenNet contractor comes to offer "compensation" or "unofficial refund" to cover up your case, please do not accept the offer.   Let OpenNet complete their investigation first.

We will keep you posted.

Best Regards

Lim Chee Kiang
Lakeside Grove NC

01 April 2010

Easter Greeting 2010

Lakeside Grove NC wishes all our Christian residents, Happy Easter!!

Also to our chinese residents have a safe "Qing Ming"!!