05 April 2010

Installation of high speed internet fibre cables

Dear residents of Lakeside Grove

It has come to our knowledge that less than 20 houses from our estate have signed up for free installation during the OFFER PERIOD. You will have to pay $450 if you sign up later on.

Maybe some of you don't fully understand what OpenNet is all about. It is something which your family and you will be using in 2 years time when ultra-high speed internet is launched in Singapore.

We strongly encourage you to sign up whether or not you intend to use High Speed Internet.

As the offer period is over, please call OpenNet at 65634273 to arrange for your individual house's installation. Maybe the Free Installation Offer will be extended.

A friendly advice is that you should verify the length of cable laid in your house when you sign the acknowledgement form.

Best Regards

LakesideGrove NC

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