08 May 2010

Lakeside Grove Estate Repainting Exercise 2010 - FAQ

1. How many vendors have been awarded the job to paint Lakeside Grove?
- Two Vendors have been awarded to paint our estate.
Etron Resources is to undertake to paint phase 1 (they were the vendor for phase 1 in the last repainting exercise) and Interlink Specialist is to undertake to paint phase 2 (they were the vendor for phase 2 in the last repainting exercise).

2. What are the reasons for appointing 2 vendors?
- In view of the fact that if the response is good the repainting exercise can take more than 3 months, our resident would be burden and inconvenient by this. The NC therefore appoints 2 vendors to shorten the painting duration for the 2 phases.

3. Will there be one set of pricing from both vendors, Etron Resources and Interlink Specialist?
- Yes, identical in all details.  Depending on your house type all residents pay the same price.

4.  Will the painting specification and the application method for both vendors the same. 
-  Yes, Painting Specifications are prepared by Etron Resources and copied to Interlink Specialist.

5.  Is the pricing subjected to us getting 70% participation. 
- No, the price is locked in and the painting will proceed either way.

6.  Do the residents have a choice of which vendor to use.
- No, Etron Resources has been awarded to paint Phase 1, and Interlink Specialist has been awarded to paint Phase 2. This restriction is due to the contraint in the mobilisation of equipments during painting.

7. What happens when the response is poor from our residents?
- When that happens both painters will come to an agreement as to who will undertake the whole project, the NC understands that at that competitive pricing it may be more viable to let only one vendor to undertaken the whole project.

8. How long will the painting takes?
- Our target is to complete all houses within 3 months. Painter will take 3 to 4 days continuously to finish painting your house.

9. When will the painting start?
- The painting works will be carried out between June and August 2010.

10. What is the role of the NC?
- NC role is to coordinate the project with the vendors, do collective negotiation with the vendors to ensure our residents interests are protected and to get the best deal for our residents. The contract signing is strictly between the vendor and the residents.

11. Is there any warranty?
- Yes, the NC has managed to obtained a joint 5 years waranty from both the vendor and paint supplier (ie Nippon Paint). This will be in the contract.

12. Can a resident select the colours for their house?
- No, the NC has already selected the colours basing on the aesthetic, uniformity and the overall look of our estate and its surrounding.

13. Will I get the Early Bird discount if I register after 22-23 May 2010?
- No sorry, this is to be fair to the early birds.

14. Will there be further price reduction if I do not want to paint any boundary wall and metal gates?
- No further discount as the price is already very low due to bulk contract.

15. Will the painter paint my boundary wall; metal gates & fence; car porch's timber roof rafters & ceiling; front & back wooden doors and roof metal flushing?
- Yes. It is all included in the package at no extra charges.

16. How much will it cost if I get my own painter?
- It will cost about $2000 - $2500 for an intermediate, $3500-$5000 for a corner terrace / semi D. Also, your own painter will not be able to provide you with a 5 years warranty from NIPPON PAINT. Please note that our painting specification is stringent and exactly the same as Town Council's requirement.

17. Why the price difference between Corner Terrace and Semi-Detached?
- Most Semi-Detached are inaccessible by Boom Lift whereas most Corner Terraces face a side road. Therefore, scaffoldings are needed on the side walls of Semi Detached and maybe a few Corner Terrace too (whose side wall also does not face a road).

18. Will the same painter offer the same price if I ask them to come back next year to repaint my house?
- No, you will have to pay individual commercial rate which will be higher.

19. My house paintwork still look good. I may not want to repaint this year. Can I wait till next year?
- Unless you have repainted your house within the last 3 years, you should repaint now because all paintwork last only 5 to 7 years. After that, the paint will fade and starts to peel off. When that happens, moisture will get into your external wall and affect your internal paintwork as well.

20. Can I ask the painter to paint the interior of my house or do other repair works?
- You can ask them but this will be at your own private arrangement.

21. What do I have to do after signing the contract.
- You will have to pay a 30% down payment. You are advised to be at home when the painting starts. You will have to - provide water and electricity.

22. Who do I complain to if I encounter any problem.?
- You can call the painter's supervisor or call NC Chairman.

23. If my neighbour sign up and I didn't, what happens if the workers dirtied my house?
- Please call NC Chairman.

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