08 November 2010

NC Renewal

Dear Resident

Our NC is coming to the end of our 5th Terms of office and we would like to   reach out to everyone of you to come forward and volunteer your service to help us in our continuing community work.

As you know, our NC has been taking care of the welfare of our residents by organising community bonding events such parties, outings, community-in-bloom etc and programme such as estate re-painting, roadside parking, footpath lighting etc.

Our newly formed Lakeside Gardening Club is also very active in promoting healthy lifestyle programme and residents' interactions.

All these would not have been possible without the help of the following people which I would like to acknowledge with much appreciation (without any order of merit)

Mr. Anthony Das (7 Corporation Rise)
Mr. Ng Teong Lin (5 Corporation Rise)
Mr. Leow Wee Hee ( 87 Corporation Rise)
Mr. Mervyn Ong (formerly of 43 Corporation Walk)
Mr. Albert Lim (8 Corporation Rise)
Ms. Grace Lee (45 Corporation Walk)
Mr. Colin Kong (46 Corporation Walk)
Mr. Jimmy Han (35 Corporation Walk)
Ms Joyce Ang (33 Corporation Walk)
Mr. Mohamad Faizal bin Jasman (95 Corporation Walk)
Ms. Huzaimah (95 Corporation Walk)
Mr. Elvin Teo wen Wai (89 Corporation Walk)
Ms Krystle Lau Li LIng (39 Corporation Rise)
Ms Mona Cheah (117 Corporation Walk)
Ms Usha Kumar (formerly of 121 Corporation Walk)
Ms Loo Suat Hoon (formerly 73 Corporation Rise)
Mr. Jovan Ong (27 Corporation Rise - New volunteer)
Mr. Jack Koh (Corporation Walk)

LGGC Members (Mr. Sim Chor Meng, Tony Yau, David Tan, Kelvin Tan, Lim Kian Heng, Lee Lim Sin, Tan Ah Song, Ismail, Charlie, Desmond Leow, Michael Goh, Chandra and so many others)

I sincerely hope that you will answer this appeal for volunteers and do something for our community at Lakeside Grove. Just simply reply to this email and we will contact you.

Finally, I would like to announce that according to PA regulation, I would have to step down as NC Chairman this November. A new Chairperson and Exco Committee (to be elected) will be announced soon.

It has been my pleasure and privilege to be of service to you for the last 10 years and I am very thankful for your unwavering support. I will continue to support our NC in other ways but here is where you can come forward to help.....in a way, as a form of NC renewal.

My thanks and best regards to all of you.

Chee Kiang

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