31 March 2011

Lakeside Grove Community Walk - 3 April 2011 (Sunday)

Dear Residents

We cordially invite you to a brisk walking activity around our neighbourhood on Sunday, 3 April 2011 at 7.30am. The assembly point is in front of Lakeside Primary School. We will be walking around the park connector near our neighbourhood.

Do come along with your children or other family members as this is a good opportunity to get to know our neighbours better and engage in a healthy activity. Thank you.

Lakeside Grove NC

29 March 2011

"This is Our Home" video competition

Dear Residents

Your NC has participated in the "This is our Home" Video Competition, your NC's video depicts the Lakeside Grove past activities going back 10 over years.

Please check out our video here: History of Lakeside Grove, who knows you or your neighbours may be in this video.

After watching the video, please vote for us by giving us the "thumb-up". The winner will be picked based on number of votes. Happy viewing !!

We would like to thank Lim C K for creating this video from our photos archive.
Also we would like to thank you for your support.

Best Regards
Lakesdie Grove NC

21 March 2011

Photos: Farm & Vegetable Farm Tour

It was perfect weather for a Farm tour! All 40 tickets were sold and residents gathered at 830 sharp before heading off to see Jurong Frog Farm. A educational tour was given and residents got a chance to feel and touch the American Bull Frog and feed them! They also got a chance to try the freshly fried frog meat for the those who dare :)

Next we were off to 1st Aeroponic Farm in Singapore. A informative video presentation was given before a tour guide brought the residents around the farm. Lunch was served and residents wasted no time trying to pick and buy the freshest vegetable and fruits from the farm.

Thank you all residents for showing the support in this event! See you again!

Article & photos are courtesy of Wee Hee