30 August 2011

TJCC event: Rally for Yummy - Postponed !!!

Dear Residents

Please register for the 18 Sep 2011 (Sunday) event RALLY FOR YUMMY now, seats are limited.
Click here to download the full info package and fill in the registration forms and drop it in Post Box 117 Corporation Walk before closing date.

Best Regards
Lakeside Grove NC

14 August 2011

Best National Day Decorated Estate

Dear Residents

We are happy to share with you the good news that our estate won the 3rd prize for being the best National Day Decorated Estate in Taman Jurong because almost all of our houses in Lakeside Grove fly the Singapore Flag.

Tonight our NC Chairman, Mr. Faizal bin Jasman, received the prize from our DPM Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam at the Taman Jurong 46th ND Celebration.

Three Cheers for Lakeside Grove

Lakeside Grove NC

03 August 2011

Lakeside Grove Youth Chapter (YC)

Dear Youths, 

Lakeside Grove NC would like to invite you to join our very own Youth Chapter(YC). Youth Chapters is a new initiative to get more youths (12-35 Years old) to volunteer, and it is basically made up of a group of youths who are living in the same estate. By being a member of the YC, you will be able to engage in community service programmes, environmental projects, dialogues or networking and social activities.

At this stage, we are recruiting exco-members, also known as core members. As a core member, you will attain leadership positions within the YC. You will be put in a position to lead the organization of activities or events which promote social cohesion within our estate. You will also be able to organize interest groups which can vary from interests in sports (E.g. Basketball/Dodgeball) to the performing arts (E.g. Breakdancing). 

If you are a secondary/pre-university/ tertiary student, being in the YC will also allow you to gain CIP(community involvement programme) hours which can contribute to your testimonial/CCA record (CIP hours can be recorded every time you attend meetings/plan events). At the same time, you will be able to take on leadership positions which might be useful for your testimonials when documented.

So, if you are still residing at Lakeside Grove Estate and are interested in becoming a core member of the YC, or if you have any enquiries regarding the YC, do contact Lakeside Grove NC via our email address: lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg.

Thank you!
Krystle Lau
Lakeside Grove Youth Chapter