27 October 2011

Monkeys situation at Lakeside Grove

Dear Residents

1. Since August, there had been sightings of monkeys in our neighborhood. Several residents gave feedback that there were occasions of these monkeys entering their houses to look for food.

2. Towards the end of September, the issue seemed to have quietened down when there was hardly any reported incidents.

3. However recently, some of our residents spotted one of the monkeys at our backyards and the latest was last Friday, 21 October 2011. The monkeys were spotted at 2 different locations and has entered in at least one of our residents' home to look for food.

4. The NC has contacted Agri-Food and Veterinary of Singapore (AVA) to report the incidents and was informed that several residents have requested for the traps to be delivered to their houses since August.

5. We appreciate if you could reply to this email if you have requested for it so that we will know how many cages have been loaned to the residents in their neighbourhood. We hope to monitor this situation and give feedback to AVA to step up their actions in providing assistance to our residents.

6. Should you sight the monkeys in your premises, do not hesitate to contact AVA at 62221211 during office hours. You can also email them at the following email address: ava_email@ava.gov.sg.

7. We do hope that residents exercise caution when confronted with incidents involving the monkeys. Attached is an advisory from AVA on how to keep monkeys at bay. We have also attached photographs of the monkeys taken by one of our residents, Mr Chandra. Thank you.

 Warmest Regards
Chairman of Lakeside Grove NC

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  1. We saw the monkey near backyard of 12 corporation rise. Called up 62221211 and they advice to call 1800 4761600, they can not take any actions. For your record only.....mkwang