22 November 2012

Update about Early bird sign-up rate for Qigong

Health Qigong Classes

Hi Residents!

Do note: As part of the early bird sign-up rate, you need to pay only $35 for 8 sessions of Qigong! (A discount of $10 will be given for those who sign up by 1st Dec 2012). The Health Qigong sessions will be taught by a qualified instructor who will be teaching the lessons in the Lakeside Grove estate.

Fees for 8 sessions of Qigong: $35

Minimum number of participants for lessons to start: 10
Venue: Lakeside Grove Garden

Date/ Timing: Every Thursday evening, at 7.45p.m, starting from mid Jan 2013 (exact date to be confirmed)

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Note from your friendly Lakeside Neighbourhood Committee

Don't worry about the duration! Health Qigong is an easy-to-learn set of exercise

· Focuses on the body (posture and movement), breathing (respiratory), and mind (meditative).

· Suitable for all ages, specifically aimed at health improvement.

· Has 4 sets of practice forms, each distinct from one another and stimulating different muscles and movement.

Take up Health Qigong classes and get healthy today!
Organised by the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee. Please email lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg , or leave a message on our Facebook wall if you have any queries about the classes.

*Images used in this post are copyrighted and not rightfully owned by the Lakeside Grove Committee members

12 November 2012

Questions for Lucky Draw and Launch of Cutest Dog Competition

Residents who are not dog owners, fret not! There are plenty of chances for you to win prizes. Just post your answer to these questions on our Lakeside Grove Facebook page’s wall, and you will be eligible to take part in the Lucky Draw! The Lucky Draw will take place during the “Go-Green” event.  So give these questions a try, and Good Luck!!:)

Questions (to answer on Facebook) for lucky draw:

1.     At which year does the NC officially come to existence?

2.     In which constituency does Lakeside Grove belong to?

3.     In which year was the last major repainting of the estate carried out?

4.     Which is the nearest Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP)?
5.     How many circular convex mirrors are there in the estate?

09 November 2012

The Cutest Dog Competition


Attention all Lakeside Grove residents: The cutest dog contest is about to begin! The contest begins on 12th November, 0900 and ends on 15th November, 2300.


How do I take part?
Step 1: Take a cute picture of your dog
Step 2: Post the picture on the Lakeside Grove Facebook Page’s wall and remember to state your house number in the post!

For voters:
Simply  "like" a picture of a dog to take part. The names of voters who are Lakeside Grove residents would be included in a lucky draw.

How will the pictures be assessed?
The picture with the “cutest dog” will be judged based on the number of Facebook “likes” that the picture garner. The “likes” of people other than Lakeside Grove residents are included as well, so feel free to ask your friends to “like” the picture of your dog!

How many pictures can I upload?
For this contest, only one entry (i.e. one picture of your dog) per household will be accepted.

How will voters (people who “like” the Facebook pictures) stand to win prizes?
The names of voters who are Lakeside Grove residents would be included in a lucky draw.

How would I know if I have won the competition?
The results of the competition will be announced at the upcoming Lakeside Grove Residents Day – Go Green  event, which will be happening on the 17th November. Likewise, the result of the voter who has won the lucky draw will also be revealed at the Lakeside Grove Residents Day – Go Green event.

So get your cameras ready, and snap away!

*Image of the dog from the banner is copyrighted, and is taken from this website.

04 November 2012

Lakeside Grove Residents' Day-- Go Green

Lakeside Grove Residents’ Day – Go Green

Date: 17 Nov 2012
Location: Lakeside Primary School.
Guests of Honour:

Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations

Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance

Key highlights:
- EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT will be given for Healthy Qigong classes if you sign up during this event.
- GOODIE BAGS will be given away per household, upon full completion of a registration form. There will also be a LUCKY DRAW, with lots of prizes to be won!

Schedule of activities:

9.30am to 10.00am
10.00am to 10.15am
NEA Talk and Activity
10.15am to 10.30am
10.45am to 11.00am
Zumba Demo
11.00am to 11.30am
Herbal Gardening Talk
GOH Arrival
11.30am to 12.00pm
CEP Talk
10.00am to 12.00pm
DIY Dish Gardening and Pandan Roses
12.00am to 12.45pm
12.45pm to 1.00pm
Lucky Draw
Ongoing Activities: Cash for Trash, Flower Pot Collection, Gardening Recycling Corner,

Fringe Activities for Kids, Sales by Oh Farms


Is your house too cluttered? Items such as paper, old clothes, handy home appliances and spoilt computers can be exchanged for cash!*

*Note: Bulky items such as mattresses will be rejected. Prices will be based on board rates, and only scrap value will be given for household appliances and computers.


Recycle your unwanted empty flower pots or gardening supplies at NC corner. Also, learn the art of DIY dish gardening!


A certified Zumba coach who conducts lessons at the Taman Jurong CC will be coming down to give an interactive demo session, Free of Charge! So get dressed in your sports attire, and feel free to join in!

Ice balls,  pebble painting, balloon sculpting


Attention all dog lovers/ owners! Visit us at our FACEBOOK page from 12 Nov onwards and upload a picture of your dog to take part in the Cutest Dog Contest. The winner, as well as voters will stand to win attractive prizes.

See you there!

Organised by the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee. Please email lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg if there are further enquiries.