12 November 2012

Questions for Lucky Draw and Launch of Cutest Dog Competition

Residents who are not dog owners, fret not! There are plenty of chances for you to win prizes. Just post your answer to these questions on our Lakeside Grove Facebook page’s wall, and you will be eligible to take part in the Lucky Draw! The Lucky Draw will take place during the “Go-Green” event.  So give these questions a try, and Good Luck!!:)

Questions (to answer on Facebook) for lucky draw:

1.     At which year does the NC officially come to existence?

2.     In which constituency does Lakeside Grove belong to?

3.     In which year was the last major repainting of the estate carried out?

4.     Which is the nearest Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP)?
5.     How many circular convex mirrors are there in the estate?

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