19 January 2013

Upgrading of Playground and Fitness Corner

Dear Residents, the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee (NC) is happy to announce that our playground (located at Phase 1) and Fitness Corner (located at Phase 2) of our estate is due for upgrading.

As a follow up of our series of discussions with NParks, they will be putting up a tender for the upgrading of these sites.

For the Fitness Corner the current sand flooring will be replaced with alternative flooring. More versatile and up-to-date equipment will be put in place. This is so that the Fitness Corner will suit the needs of our residents better.

As per our preliminary negotiations with NParks, upgrading work for these sites is tentatively estimated to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2013. This projected completion period is only a very rough estimation.

We look forward to these new enhancements to our estate.

Kelley Lau (Lakeside Grove Youth Chapter Chairperson) on behalf of the Lakeside Grove NC. For any queries, please email lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg 


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