24 February 2013

Update on Monkey Situation in Lakeside Grove

Dear Residents,

Much to our chagrin, an elusive monkey that has been trolling the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Estate has remained uncaught, even after multiple attempts by various parties (the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee members included) at setting up traps to catch the monkey.

We require your help and cooperation in assisting the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in catching the monkey. If anyone spots the monkey roaming within the premises of the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Estate or along the Canal near our estate and the MRT, please contact Jack Pang  at the following number immediately: 98154915. Hhas been hired by the AVA to trap the monkey. In addition, keep the monkey within sight upon calling, to ensure that Jack can track the monkey down and capture it successfully.

We look forward to your help, and hope that our estate would be monkey-free once more.


The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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