27 March 2013

'Rise and Walk' on 5 April

Hi  Residents!

Rather than sitting in front of the television in the evening, watching the same daily programmes, wouldn't it be nice to change things up once in a while? Well, we (the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee) would be organising our customary (on the 1st Friday of every month) briskwalking session on  Friday 5 April, at 8 p.m!  Do join us, encourage as many neighbours as you can to come along, and make a move to be more active and healthier today:)

The meeting place would be same as usual, at the banner post at Corporation Walk, after which we will be taking a nice scenic walk towards the beautiful fountain at the Jurong Lake Boardwalk, and to Chinese Garden (for those with more stamina and energy:) ). What better way to spend your Friday evening, than exercising, relaxing and spending quality bonding time with other fellow residents after a hard day of work?

See you there!

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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