07 March 2014

Do your part in saving water: tips and informatiion

Dear Residents,

Water has always been a precious commodity, but more so in the light of this recent dry spell that Singapore is going through. It is crucial that we do our part to save water.

For more extensive water-saving information and tips, please visit http://www.pub.gov.sg/CONSERVE/HOUSEHOLDS/Pages/Watersavinghabits.aspx

Here are some tips from PUB:

You can save 9 litres of water each time you:
•       take 1 minute less in the shower
•       wash dishes in a container instead of under a running tap
•       use a tumbler instead of leaving the tap running when you brush your teeth
•       wash clothes on a full load
To do more, you can also:
•       carry out washing activities only when necessary
•       reuse water for non-potable uses whenever possible 

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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