03 May 2014

Update about Dengue Misting by National Environment Agency

Dear Residents,

For those who would like to have dengue misting at their house, but haven't signed up yet, please contact us (the Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee) at lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg. Misting is free and its supported by the NEA

Current scheduled misting:
Friday, 2 May (9-12 pm)

Monday, 5 May (9-12pm) (Note that both dates are full now, but more slots are available on other days, depending on demand. Do note that the timing for misting is always in the morning, from 9-12pm)

Also, residents can register their email or contact details with the NC, to ensure updates about the dengue situation in Lakeside Grove, as well as to keep up to date about other matters.

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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