25 July 2014

Fruits Fiesta 2014 and Carnival at Jurong Lake Park

Dear Residents,
Looking for a novel way to get into the spirit of National Day with your family and loved ones? 
Join us in the upcoming Fruits Fiesta, where there will be a Fruits Buffet (mangosteen, durians and rambutans galore!) and a Fruit Decorating Competition!

Time4-6 p.m.
Venue: Lakeside Grove Garden (the one with the playground, near walk estate)
Price: $2 (while tickets last)

Residents who are seeking for unconventional ways to exercise creativity, look no further :) 
Everyone is highly encouraged to join the fruit decoration competition. 
The theme will be-- Our People Our Home. 

Do note that there will also be an auction that will be concurrently happening at Lakeside Grove Garden! 

Key aim: to raise money for the needy in Taman Jurong, so do show your support by bidding for the collectibles

In addition, the NC will be collecting donations, and proceeds will go to Taman Jurong CCC CDWF (the CDWF supports seniors and student assistance)
All donation cheques can be made payable to Taman Jurong CCC CDWF, and dropped off in the 117 Corporation Walk mailbox.

To boost the National Day celebratory mood, do also take part in the carnival at Jurong Lake Park, where there will be LIVE FIREWORKS, food and carnival rides! 

Tickets for the carnival are going at $3, so grab yours now! 
For enquiries, please call 97391380 or email to lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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