02 May 2015

Walk at Marina Bay on 10 May (Sunday) | RSVP latest by 6 May (next Wed)!

Dear Residents,

Please note that as part of the Lakeside 50 Project, there would be a walk at Marina Bay on 10 May. Residents who are not regular walkers involved in the Lakeside 50 Project, but are keen to join us for this session are welcome!

Date:                   10 May 2015 (Sunday)
Time:                  7am-10am
Meeting Venue: Banner post between walk and rise
Event Venue:     Marina Bay

To note:
*Two-way transportation would be provided
*Breakfast would be provided
* Please bring along your walking card (for regular walkers of the Lakeside 50 project), umbrella, a bottle of water, cap and poncho (optional)
*Attire: Lakeside 50 T-shirt (for regular walkers of the Lakeside 50 project) / T-shirt (for the rest) , shorts/ track pants and comfortable shoes

**As we would be chartering a bus and providing breakfast, kindly note that all interested residents are to RSVP by 6 May, to avoid disappointment. 

The walking session on 10 May will be held at Marina Bay in particular, as the landscape of Marina Bay has undergone remarkable changes throughout Singapore's 50 years of progress. In addition, the walk symbolises the half-way mark of our Lakeside 50 Project, in which we aim to cover 50km to celebrate SG50.  
As such, regular walkers who have signed up for the Lakeside 50 Project are strongly encouraged to show your support and to come for this particular session!

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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