12 October 2015

Upcoming Walks in November

Dear Residents,

Please note that there will be an upcoming walk organised on the 1st Saturday/ Sunday Morning and 1st Sunday evening in November. 

Dates: 7 November AM, 8 November AM and 8 November PM

Route: The route for November will be updated via whatsapp

Meeting Point: Banner Post between Walk and Rise

There will be new indemnity forms distributed via mail to both existing members in the Lakeside Walker interest group and for those who are keen on joining this interest group. 

For more information about the Lakeside Walkers, please refer to the Current Interest Groups tab on our blog. 

Also, at the moment, we are keen on forming a Lakeside Golfers group.

Residents who are interested in joining the Lakeside Golfers group, please send an email to lakesidegrove@yahoo.com.sg

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

04 October 2015

Haze Advisory

Dear Residents,

Please do take care and minimise going outdoors when the PSI is high.

Also, take note that N95 masks (picture below, right) help with filtering fine airborne particles in the haze, whereas the surgical masks (picture below, left) do not.

For updated information about the haze situation, please refer to the following website: http://www.haze.gov.sg/

The Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee