15 August 2017

Marina Bay Walk on 16 Sept - last day to sign up!

It's the last day to sign up for the Marina Bay Walk on 16 Sept!

Some things that you and your family can look forward to for the walk:

1) The route will be covering the more interesting parts of Marina Bay, such as Kampong Bugis (which is set for development works... This is a chance to explore the area in its original glory, before it is transformed into a private residential area)

2) If we are lucky, we may be able to spot otters as we go along.

3) There will be a fun and educational element to the walk.  Curious to find out answers to these interesting facts? Join us, the answers are there!

Where did the planks for this shelter come from? (Hint: one of our iconic buildings)

Who's the VIP?

To register, please SMS 97391380 or email lakesidegrove@yahoo.com

Lakeside Grove Neighbourhood Committee

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