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(February 2015 Issue)

We had the pleasure today of interviewing Mr Wong, 82, a member of the Pioneer generation. He was paid a house visit by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who thanked him for his contributions to society.

Mr Wong has been a volunteer in Radin Mas for many years, contributing largely to the Civil Defence Volunteer Scheme, which was then under the Singapore Civil Defence Force. In the interview, he shared with us his experiences and wisdom gleaned from his years of being the Vice-Chairman, and afterwards an active member, of the committee in Radin Mas*

Experiences as an active volunteer

Mr Wong shared how he lived through the Japanese occupation and the subsequent independence of Singapore. Gang activity was rampant, and Singaporeans had to face the insecurity of a new nation in those turbulent times.

When the opportunity to be a volunteer under the Civil Defence Volunteer Scheme came along, he thus joined the committee* with much enthusiasm, firmly believing in the saying, “养兵一千日,用在一”(it takes a thousand days to develop an army that is operationally ready for the moment that they are needed).  

His role was to learn, and then teach, the proper procedures for civil defence. These include first aid, fire evacuation, and most importantly, crowd control during an emergency.

This role opened up opportunities for him to interact with people, which he found to be meaningful and fulfilling.

On reflecting about his biggest contribution as a pioneer, he answered without hesitation:
His proudest contribution was doing the right thing, and contributing the vote that counted towards empowering the government in their efforts to ensure the stability and progress of the country.

Personal words of wisdom
Some of the advice that Mr Wong offered, when we asked for his secret to maintaining an active lifestyle was to try and remain positive and optimistic even under stressful situations. One must also be committed, passionate and to do your best.

Also, in order to maintain his health, he emphasised that he placed great importance on not smoking, drinking or gambling. Walking and exercising also remain part of his daily activities.

Mr Wong also said that a person must be content with what he receives. Rather than comparing his possessions to others and working only for himself, he believes that one must “Do it for the organization, for the people.”

* At present, the committee that he is under is called Radin Mas Community Emergency and Engagement Committee (C2E)

“OUR STORIES” - Archives
(May 2014 Issue)

STORY #1: In the February Issue of “Our Stories”, we feature Mr Tan, resident of 42 Corporation Rise for 14 years, who has an avid interest in gardening. 

His love for gardening was cultivated since young, where he lived in a kampong in Lim Chu Kang. On the surrounding land of his kampong, Mr Tan used to grow a variety of vegetables, harvest them and sell them for extra pocket money. Back in the olden days, in addition to gardening. Mr Tan enjoyed rearing chickens as a hobby.

Now, he still plants several vegetables in his garden, such as the Aloe Vera and Chinese cabbage, and consumes them with his family after harvesting.

Believing that gardening is an activity that requires a considerable amount of effort and time, Mr Tan spends an average of 1-2 hours per day maintaining his garden. It is no wonder that the plants in his garden have thrived for the past decade. We wish Mr Tan the best of luck in his future gardening endeavors!


(May 2014 Issue)
STORY #2: We continue “Our Stories” with Kelvin from 40 Corporation Walk. Kelvin is perhaps better known in our estate as the initiator of the pretty little garden, which is located in our estate playground along the row of houses in Corporation Walk.

                The passion for gardening has led Kelvin to collaborate with a group of neighbours, who are all avid gardeners themselves, to start their own little garden in their immediate community. Through the combined efforts of Mr Lee Lim Sim, Mrs Lee Shirley, Mr & Mrs Sim Chor Meng, Mr David Tan, Mr Lim, Mr Song, Mr Cheng, Mr Yoon Kim, Mr Goh, Mr Chandra, Mr Charlie Chan, Mr Alvin, Mr Lim Chee Kiang , and our NC, the gardens currently looks beautiful, well-furnished,  and is certainly a sight to behold.
They carried out extensive renovation works last year, changing it to a Japanese-themed garden. Kelvin mentioned to us that the current implementations in the garden, like the cement-paved flooring and the potted plants, allow for ease of maintenance. “All of us involved in the garden hold full-time jobs, so it must be easy for us to maintain the garden”, as mentioned by Kelvin.

                Nevertheless, career commitments have not deterred Kelvin from investing both time and effort into gardening and maintenance works. He shared with us how he created the pond with some neighbours in the garden from scratch. “It was definitely hard work, but all of us came together and helped”, remarked Kelvin, who built his first pond by himself when he was sixteen.

                Today, the pond in the garden teems with koi fishes and water lilies, and the passionate team of neighbours, including Kelvin, regularly carries out maintenance works regularly. For Kelvin, he shared with us how he feeds the fishes, cleans the filtration system and ensures that aquatic life continue to thrive.

                The love for creating ponds has also led Kelvin to build his own 1.2-metre deep pond at the backyard of his house, which we had the pleasure of visiting as well. “Maintaining a pond is a huge commitment. There was once when one of the fishes fell sick and I took him to a fish vet”, said Kelvin, when we probed deeper into the exact level of commitment needed. Indeed, gardening and its required maintenance works are no small feats! We wish Kelvin and his team of neighbours all the best in their gardening endeavors, and we definitely look forward to visiting the garden at the playground whenever we are around the vicinity!



(May 2014 Issue)


“OUR STORIES”- August 2014


Our resident has kindly shared with us his story of the story behind the mini-LED model of the Marina Bay landscape that he has built with his family.

 Feel free to view the beautiful mini-LED model via the Youtube video link: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NByS9_DFaFg&feature=youtu.be)

Here is the first story that was written on his behalf, by his daughter, Gladys, who is a member of the Lakeside Grove Youth Chapter:

I have always been fascinated with Marina Bay's cityscape. So one day, I decided to create a mini-LED light display of Marina Bay to bring out its beauty and its vibrancy, due to it being one of our most prominent icons, which all of us can identity with! 

This is MARINA BAY. This is My Artwork: Replicating Its Nighttime Appearance; Be Amazed, Yes?

Do enjoy this colourful and vibrant LED light display of Marina Bay!  

- Ng Pan Yew, Resident of Lakeside Grove


We have a second story that one of our residents have shared with us, about the story behind Balloon, her one-year old female Yorkshire terrier:)

Balloon, her adorable Yorkshire terrier.

This is what the owner* had to share about the story behind why Balloon enjoys people-watching:

“Mother used to put her in the [basket of her] bicycle and cycle around when she was young, and that probably cultivated her love for people watching. After a while though, she started to try and jump out, so we stopped taking her out in the bicycle.

But we still bring her for walks, and she gets really excited whenever she hears the word ‘gai gai’ (hokkien for going out for a walk).”

Balloon, people-watching.

*House number has been withheld to protect privacy


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